Day 7: Stories of Hope in Rwanda


The 10 Days has been a part of Living Water’s work since 2010. In the past 6 years, we’ve seen wells drilled, lives changed, and communities blessed.

Last year, the 10 Days raised more than $70,000 for safe water projects, directly impacting at least 286 families in Rwanda.

We’ve been talking a lot about what it means to choose to remember our 663 million neighbors who live without access to safe water. When we remember these people, we’re acknowledging that their stories matter. Remembering calls us to action.

It’s also important to remember the amazing work that has already been accomplished through the 10 Days. These are the stories that give us hope. The ones that remind us that our choices can leave the world a little better than we found it. Remembering calls us to celebration and gratitude.

This is Dativ.

Dativ stands in the doorway to her home.


Before Living Water built a well in Dativ’s village, it was much more difficult for this mother and wife to carry out her responsibilities. Although a stream with dirty water was only a five-minute walk from her home, the closest clean water took 35 minutes to walk to and from every day. This source was often crowded and overused, causing Dativ to rely on boiling the dirty water near their home.

“At times we failed to have firewood to boil the water and would have to just drink the dirty water,” Dativ says.


When Living Water came to drill a well almost directly next to Dativ’s home, Dativ had her answer.

“Now if I need water, I just go. We no longer get tired from having to walk far. It’s easy if we need a large volume of water, we just go get it.”

Handwashing has become an important part of Dativ's families daily life.

Empowered with easy access to safe water, Dativ has witnessed a change in her family. The kids don’t get sick as much, and her body feels better. Without money for health insurance, Dativ has more peace knowing her kids’ medical bills are no longer adding up so quickly.

“Clean water helps you in everything.”

From L-R, Patricia, Eric, U. Patrick, Dativ, Samuel and H. Patrick. Dativ's husband, Patrick, was at work.

The 10 Days exists to help women like Dativ. Share her story with your community and invite them to be a part of this life-changing work by donating to the 10 Days. Every dollar helps.

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