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World Water Day: Behind-the-scenes look at our work in Rwanda

One of my favorite things about the 10 Days is getting the opportunity to interact with incredibly talented individuals who are passionate about what they do. Right now Doug and Kelsi Klembara are in Rwanda capturing stories about what the 10 Days has accomplished and seeing firsthand how important clean water is to these communities. Since today is World Water Day, Doug and Kelsi wanted to share what they’ve been learning. The post below was written by Kelsi Klembara. Photos by Doug Klembara

Hey there everyone – We are Doug and Kelsi Klembara and we are currently in Rwanda midway through our time gathering stories for 2015 10 Days Campaign. In celebration of World Water Day, we thought we’d provide y’all with an update of our trip so far!

A little background on us: Doug is a photographer and I am a writer. We were married this past November, and although we’ve both worked on storytelling projects around the world separately, this is our first time to do it together! We’re honored to get to work on such an amazing project with one another.


Our goal for this trip has been to continue to find and capture the stories of people in Ruhango who’s lives are being impacted and changed by the work of Living Water, specifically the support provided through 10 Days Campaign. Doug was here last August, and it’s so cool to be able to come back together and grow the relationships he developed last year.…

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Taking Up Our Cross

Lately I’ve been thinking about Jesus’ miracles—those wondrous acts of healing, renewal, and redemption that we find throughout the Bible. These stories get me fired up. I think the best part is that Jesus chose to be a humble servant when he could have been the complete opposite. He didn’t have to give sight to …

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The Neighborhood is Bigger Than You Think

When I was growing up, I lived in the sort of neighborhood you might see in a 1950s television show. If we ran out of sugar, my mom would send me next door to borrow some from our neighbor. My best friend and I spent most of our afternoons exploring the nearby woods or listening …

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Welcome to The Well (A manifesto, of sorts.)

In 2007, three friends went to a Derek Webb concert and learned that people around the world die every day because they don’t have access to clean drinking water—a privilege Americans often take for granted. Most people would feel sad about this for a few minutes, and then move on with their lives. These friends …

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