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How One Person Can Save Lives

You’ve probably never had to think twice about your daily need for water.

You can walk a few feet to your kitchen and turn on the tap that provides as much potable water as you want, whenever you want. You can flush your toilet and take a shower without worrying about using up your water for the week.

For hundreds of millions of people in the developing world, this is not the case. Every day, they spend hours walking miles to fetch contaminated water. It’s estimated that 663 million people in the world lack access to clean water— about one in eleven of us.

On the journey home from collecting water in Nyurukizi Village

When I first learned about the water crisis during my freshman year at Pepperdine University, I was absolutely debilitated by this harsh reality. One in eleven?

I remember looking around at the twenty people in my freshman seminar and thinking that, statistically, about two people here would not have clean water. Unfortunately, for countries like Rwanda, the reality of the water crisis is much more concentrated than one in eleven— it’s more like one in four.

Water is essential for life. In fact, I have no doubt that the very presence of water is holy. I’ve witnessed children in a village of Ruhango, Rwanda, pump water from their community well built by the 10 Days. Watching the clear, clean water tumble down over their faces and fill up the cup formed by their little hands was one of life’s most sacred moments.

The Living Water well at Riugarama.

It’s no coincidence that water plays a major role in many Bible stories.…

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Fighting For The Thirsty, Together

Five years ago, as I was starting my senior year at Clemson, I watched a video that a friend had posted on her Facebook wall inviting her friends to join her in some movement. I was sitting at my desk in my apartment, where I had old coffee cups and half-empty water bottles carelessly piled …

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10 Days Back To School Jams

Summer is winding down and school is back in session. New schedule. New roommates. New classes. It’s a lot to take in at once.

But relax! Our longtime friend and resident music connoisseur Cadence Turpin put together a stellar playlist of some of our favorite artists to help ease the back to school blues. Kick …

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10 Days Field Report: Cyobe Community Well

We have more news worth celebrating coming out of Rwanda!

Here’s an update from the field that shows exactly where a portion of the money raised during the 10 Days 2014 ended up:

Cyobe Community


Without a safe, accessible water source, communities live in an ongoing state of struggle with arduous hours spent collecting dirty

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10 Days Field Report: Musenyi Community Well

It’s easy to feel like the 10 Days begins and ends in November. But for our neighbors in Rwanda, the exciting part of the 10 Days campaign—the well drilling, the clean wanter— doesn’t happen until months later.

When your roommate, your neighbor, or your friend has something worth celebrating, you probably celebrate with them. That’s …

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The Universal Call to Create


I recently graduated from college, which means I’ve had a lot of free time on my hands. I’m in limbo, and as awkward and uncertain as it is, this season has allowed me to rediscover a few of my talents and passions.

As I have dove into the painting of pottery, the editing of photographs, …

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