Five Articles That Made Us Think

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Each week our team recommends five articles from the past week that touch on issues of faith, justice, activism, purpose, calling, risk, or failure. Consider this your curated weekend reading list.

Why Failure Is A Necessary Part of Making Progress 

by Allison Vesterfelt

“Failing is perfectly normal. In fact, there is virtually no way around it. If you’re not failing, you’re probably not progressing as much as you think you are.”

David Platt on Making Short-Term Mission Trips More Effective

by Elizabeth BeShears 

“In order to prepare best for short-term missions, Christians should make sure that they are intentionally tying any short-term trip to these long-term goals. They should work intentionally with other Christians before, during, and after the trip to make sure that this is fueling long-term growth in their own (and in others’) relationship with Christ.”

You Need Africa More Than Africa Needs You

by Lindsay Linegar

“If you are planning to live and work in Africa, make no mistake, your gifts are valuable and you will certainly make a contribution if your heart is in the right place. I don’t want to discourage you from going, but rather encourage you to go with an appropriate openness.”

How to Live Wisely

by Richard J. Light

“Here are five exercises designed to help freshmen identify their goals and reflect systematically about various aspects of their personal lives, and to connect what they discover to what they actually do at college.”

Afraid of Doubt? John Piper’s Son Says He Fears For Your Faith

by Jonathan Merritt

“I affirm doubt. I think doubt is a driving force in discovering truth, not something that should be condemned.   I refuse to answer questions about God or the Bible with neat constructs or nicely buttoned up answers. My aim is to cause a certain amount of discomfort for Christians who’ve never questioned.”

What articles made you think this week? Share them in the comments below.

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