Five Articles That Made Us Think

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Every Friday our team recommends five thought-provoking articles from the past week that touch on issues of faith, justice, activism, purpose, calling, risk, or failure.

Consider this your curated weekend reading list.

Pursue the Caller, Not the Calling

by Ryan J. Pemberton

“So how do we discern God’s will without conflating it with our own dreams and ambitions? One way is to think about calling in terms of story. This means asking: ‘If the risen Christ calls me to follow him, and if calling is conceived primarily in terms of that call, what shape should my life take?'”

Lessons I Learned While Trying to Save the World

by Jena Lee Nardella

“In my initial pursuits to change the world, I quickly found that the glitz of standing for a cause would wear off. And the leaders of the organizations I followed would disappoint me. I found out that doing good was more complex than I had envisioned. The problems were more convoluted, and the solutions were less clear than the slogans suggested.”

The Craziest Thing We Can Do is Nothing

by Tyler Riewer

“663 million people on our planet drink dirty and dangerous water. And they don’t just drink it — they work for it! They invest hours every day. And not only does it keep them out of school, or take up time that they could be using to earn money for their family, it also kills them.”

Syrian Crisis: Christians Cannot Stand By and Do Nothing

by Jesse Carey

“Even if you are not in Europe or can’t directly assist refugees in desperate need of the basic resources—unlike 10,000 Icelanders who have offered to open their homes to refugees—there are things you can do to help.”

Why God Told Me to Ruin My Life

by Allison Vesterfelt 

“I’m not saying that there’s no such thing as a wrong decision, or that my decision to quit my job was even “right.” I’m saying it’s often hard to measure “right” decisions and “wrong” ones, because I can’t see the whole story from where I’m standing right now, and because I can’t even begin to fathom the depth and breadth and richness of God’s grace.”

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