Day 8: Discover Living Water’s Rwanda Program


All of the money raised through the 10 Days will be used to help fund Living Water International’s Rwanda Program.

So what does that mean exactly?

It means that your sacrifice will play a small role in helping Living Water try to achieve its 2016-2017 goal of providing access to safe water for 17,000 people through 68 new wells.

On top of that, Living Water is aiming to serve an additional 6,300 people in the Ruhango district through 8 alternative water points. 

Daniella, 11 years old. Nyurukizi Village.

Providing access to safe water is the first step in ending the water crisis, but it doesn’t end there. The simple act of washing hands can have a significant impact on preventing the spread of disease.

That’s why Living Water Rwanda is committed to partnering with local churches, communities, and institutions to champion safe hygiene practices. The goal is to conduct 76 hygiene promotion sessions in the communities where the new wells and alternative water points will be constructed.

If you ask us, that’s worth giving up a few cups of joe.

So far we’ve raised almost $60,000 for Living Water’s Rwanda Program. As we near the end of the 10 Days, be sure to share your platform page with your community and encourage them to support the work Living Water is doing in Rwanda.

Prince, 13 years old. Nyurukizi Village.

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