Day 10: The Final Day


You’ve made it to the final day of the 10 Days. You’re probably already planning on getting back to your regular morning coffee routine, swinging by Sonic’s happy hour after class, or chugging a Red Bull to fuel a late night study session. Yep, we’ve missed it too.

The 10 Days ends tomorrow, but the work of striving to love our neighbors, do justice, and walk humbly with God is endless. Tomorrow, your small, everyday decisions will still matter as much as they have the past 10 days.

Choosing to remember that 663 million people live without access to safe water—and choosing to remember that we can help change that—is an ongoing process. And it can be hard. Advocating for real, tangible, life-saving change isn’t easy…but it’s always worth it.


Our hope—our prayer—for you is that your 10 Days experience will have a lasting impact on how you view what it means to love and serve our neighbors, whether they live across the hall or across the ocean.

Ready for one more day of nice, refreshing water? As of right now, we’ve raised close to $69,000—enough to fund 3 1/2 well projects in Rwanda. Today is the day to share your fundraising page and encourage your friends, family, church, and community to donate. Let’s finish strong!

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