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Meet Your Neighbors: Narcisse, the responsible leader

Throughout the next few weeks we’ll be sharing stories from Rwanda. These are real people whose lives have been changed because of clean water. 


Narcisse walks over the dirt divisions separating the miles of rice fields just below his home in Nyamugari village. He waves to neighbors at work in their own plots of rice, cuts south and shouts greetings to more neighbors who laugh and wave back. Whether he’s in the middle of a conversation or milking his cow, Narcisse always has a smile on his face.

Narcisse laughs with a neighbor as he makes his way to his rice field. Many families in Nyamugari make a living from farming plots of this rice plantation.

Narcisse keeps his animals clean with water from the well. This ensures the milk he sells at market is safe to drink.

Narcisse has spent the past 10 years in various leadership positions for Nyamugari and the surrounding villages. He earns his living farming bananas and rice with his wife and six kids. Narcisse worked hard to become a successful farmer in Ruhango, and now feels a responsibility to help his neighbors.

“A good leader is someone who is willing to always help out,” he says. “Even if there is nothing in return, it’s what Jesus asks of us—to help those in need.”

Outside Narcisse' home.

Narcisse and his wife, Nahimana, sit in their living area.

But when it came to clean water, Narcisse didn’t have a solution.

A few years ago, the Rwandan government transformed unused swampland into rice fields. The project provides stable income for many people in Nyamugari, but the drainage channels throughout the rice plantation took a toll on the quality of the village’s water supply. As a result, the stream where everyone collected their water became even more congested and muddied.

A few years ago, this land was unusable as a swamp. A government program has helped turn the area into a mean of income for numerous households.

Narcisse shows off the roots of some of his other crops grown on a patch of land near his home.

Although frustrating, the benefits of the project still outweighed the negative affects.…

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Meet Your Neighbors: Sezibera, a chief with a purpose

Throughout the next few weeks we’ll be sharing stories from Rwanda. These are real people whose lives have been changed because of clean water. 


Sezibera walks to well drilling site in Ruwenzi just as the crowd starts to grow. He stands out from the crowd, talking with neighbors in his bright yellow shirt and his …

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Meet Your Neighbors: Christina, the Advocate for Peace


As the rain falls lightly outside, Christina pours clean water over her living room floor. Baby Aliome sleeps peacefully on Christine’s back as six-year-old Diome and four-year-old Burime, circle the room in a never-ending game of tag.

Christina is young and petite. Her strength is in her smile—wide and bright and shared often. She hums …

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How One Person Can Save Lives

You’ve probably never had to think twice about your daily need for water.

You can walk a few feet to your kitchen and turn on the tap that provides as much potable water as you want, whenever you want. You can flush your toilet and take a shower without worrying about using up your water …

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Fighting For The Thirsty, Together

Five years ago, as I was starting my senior year at Clemson, I watched a video that a friend had posted on her Facebook wall inviting her friends to join her in some movement. I was sitting at my desk in my apartment, where I had old coffee cups and half-empty water bottles carelessly piled …

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10 Days Back To School Jams

Summer is winding down and school is back in session. New schedule. New roommates. New classes. It’s a lot to take in at once.

But relax! Our longtime friend and resident music connoisseur Cadence Turpin put together a stellar playlist of some of our favorite artists to help ease the back to school blues. Kick …

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10 Days Field Report: Cyobe Community Well

We have more news worth celebrating coming out of Rwanda!

Here’s an update from the field that shows exactly where a portion of the money raised during the 10 Days 2014 ended up:

Cyobe Community


Without a safe, accessible water source, communities live in an ongoing state of struggle with arduous hours spent collecting dirty

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