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Five Articles That Made Us Think

Death_to_stock_photography_weekend_work (10 of 10)

Every Friday our team recommends five thought-provoking articles from the past week that touch on issues of faith, justice, activism, purpose, calling, risk, or failure.

Consider this your curated weekend reading list.

What Steve Jobs Taught Me About Being a Son and a Father

by Nick Bilton

“There was something to be said for the idea that we should do our best at whatever job we take on. This should be the case, not because someone else expects it. Rather, as I want to teach my son, we should do it because our jobs, no matter how seemingly small, can have a profound effect on someone else’s life; we just don’t often get to see how we’re touching them.”

An Ode to Newspapers (How Not to Waste Your Education)

by James K.A. Smith

“But some this September will for the first time not be experiencing “the first day of school,” a day that has been an annual rite for them for most of their lives. This can be jarring and disappointing and rightly mourned. But take heart: just because schooling comes to an end doesn’t mean learning should.”

Loving the Poor: Pics or It Didn’t Happen

by Matthew Loftus

“Building mutual, loving relationships with people who are different from you and then using your power and privilege to advocate on their behalf is frequently full of setbacks, and rarely lends itself well to Twitter and Facebook. If you Love the Poor for the sake of the Favs and RTs, it will destroy you.”…

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10 Days Field Report: Cyobe Community Well

We have more news worth celebrating coming out of Rwanda!

Here’s an update from the field that shows exactly where a portion of the money raised during the 10 Days 2014 ended up:

Cyobe Community


Without a safe, accessible water source, communities live in an ongoing state of struggle with arduous hours spent collecting dirty

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10 Days Field Report: Musenyi Community Well

It’s easy to feel like the 10 Days begins and ends in November. But for our neighbors in Rwanda, the exciting part of the 10 Days campaign—the well drilling, the clean wanter— doesn’t happen until months later.

When your roommate, your neighbor, or your friend has something worth celebrating, you probably celebrate with them. That’s …

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