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Day 2: The Great Milk Debate


There’s an important—and controversial—question every 10 Days participant must wrestle with:

Is it okay to use milk in your cereal during the 10 Days?

Scholars, philosophers, ethicists, and 10 Days leaders have debated this question for many years, and we’re still no closer to a solid “yes” or “no” answer. Let’s review the main arguments.

The pro-milk case: During the 10 Days, we pledge to not drink anything but water. But when milk is used in cereal, you’re not really drinking it. Sure, you technically ingest some, but it’s just part of the meal, not really a beverage. Milk is fair game.

The anti-milk case: During the 10 Days, we pledge to not drink anything but water. The purest and most obvious reading of that pledge indicates that no liquid but water will be ingested during the 10 Days. Milk is a liquid, therefore, milk is forbidden.

As you can see, the arguments on both sides are compelling. When in doubt, we suggest you vote your conscience on this one.

What do you think? Is milk fair game, or forbidden? Let us know in the comments below.

P.S. We are so close to reaching $20,000 in donations already! That covers the cost of one well in Rwanda. Encourage your community to donate today so we can fund that well!

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Day 1: Choose To Remember


Today’s the day.

No more coffee. No more soda. No more sweet tea (sorry Southerners). No more Red Bull. No more happy hours.

For 10 Days, we’re giving it all up.

We’re choosing to remember the 663 million people around the world who lack access to safe water. And we’re choosing to remember that our …

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10 Days 2015 Update: Safe Water for 286 Families

Last year 1,138 college students from 17 different universities participated in the 10 Days and raised $71,386 for clean water. Today we have some exciting news to report from Rwanda.

The 10 Days 2015 campaign funded water projects that will benefit 286 families.

For the communities blessed by these projects (Remera 1, Remera 2, Ngurukizi …

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The Final Day: Walking Through Samaria

Today we’re sharing thoughts from the co-founder of the 10 Days, Henry Proegler.

Collecting water in Nyurukizi village.

I have to be honest: I wasn’t looking forward to doing the 10 Days this year. I really didn’t want to do it. My reasons were self-centered. Mainly, I just didn’t want to stop drinking coffee. But I did it anyway, and

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Get To Know Ruhango

Photography by Doug Klembara. Words by Kelsi Klembara

Day 3 of the 10 Days


In the southeastern hills of Ruhango District lies a stone mountain named after one of the earliest and most memorable Rwandan kings, Ruganzu. Climb to the top of the mountain on a clear day, and you feel like you …

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Meet Your Neighbors: Karol, the guardian of the well

Day 1 of the 10 Days


As you approach the water well in Nyurukizi village, you’ll see a tall, lean man wearing a puffy red vest. Surrounding the man and the well is a lush garden full of blossoms and vibrant greens. You will observe him either mid-conversation with someone from the village—a bright, yellow …

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Meet Your Neighbors: Philomene and her hope for clean water

Throughout the next few weeks we’ll be sharing stories from Rwanda. These are real people whose lives have been changed because of clean water. 


It’s midday when Philomene walks downhill on a narrow dirt road toward the community stream five minutes from her home. She carries a jerrycan on her head, and a basket under …

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