10 Days Field Report: Musenyi Community Well

It’s easy to feel like the 10 Days begins and ends in November. But for our neighbors in Rwanda, the exciting part of the 10 Days campaign—the well drilling, the clean wanter— doesn’t happen until months later.

When your roommate, your neighbor, or your friend has something worth celebrating, you probably celebrate with them. That’s what we do with people we care about! Today we’re celebrating with our Rwandan neighbors whose lives have been radically changed because students on the other side of the globe decided to make small, but eternally significant, sacrifices.

Here’s an update from the field that shows exactly where a portion of the money raised during the 10 Days 2014 ended up:

Musenyi Community


Without a safe and accessible water source, the 80 families of Musenyi faced challenges no family should have to face. Diseases, such as malaria and respiratory infections, created difficulties that resulted in a domino effect of negatively impacting the education of the children and the employment opportunities of the adults.

This was the original water source for the Musenyi community:

RW15011510D001003LWR_Previous Water Source

With funds raised from the 10 Days 2014, Living Water was able to drill a 25-meter-deep hand pump. The team also shared hygiene tips and created a five-person committee of local residents who will maintain the pump and spearhead any necessary repairs.

“Our water was from that stream over there,” says 28-year-old Umuranga Christine, pictured below. “I grew up here and I never expected to have clean water so soon.”


RW15011510D001003LWR_Using Well


The Musenyi community may feel far away, but these are our brothers and sisters, and today they’re drinking clean, safe water. That’s worth celebrating.

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