10 Days Field Report: Cyobe Community Well

We have more news worth celebrating coming out of Rwanda!

Here’s an update from the field that shows exactly where a portion of the money raised during the 10 Days 2014 ended up:

Cyobe Community


Without a safe, accessible water source, communities live in an ongoing state of struggle with arduous hours spent collecting dirty water that will only weaken their bodies and stunt their academic and economic potential. The 180-family community of Cyobe knew this struggle all too well. An unprotected dug well, unprotected springs and surface water were their only opportunities to collect water, and none of these sources contained water safe for consumption. As a result, typhoid and malaria were a regular occurrence, which kept the people from being able to be regularly healthy and productive.

This was the original water source for the Cyobe community:


Thanks to money raised from the 10 Days 2014, Living Water was able to drill a 30-meter-deep hand pump. After getting the well, the community members were so excited they formed a water user committee to manage this water well and ensure the water point remains usable for many years to come.

The local residents also assisted the Living Water team by providing security and labor whenever they could. The team worked with the community to deliver hygiene and sanitation lessons so that the people could enjoy the health that comes with safe water and proper hygiene and sanitation practices.

The love of Christ was shared through oral Bible story telling with showings of the JESUS film planned as well. A total of 24 individuals indicated that they accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. The Living Water team worked with the local church to create a plan for incorporating these individuals into their local congregations for further discipleship.

“The new water source is so clean that there is no need of boiling,” said 28-year-old farmer Mbarushimana Emmanuel. “The old source was so dirty [and] far from our village, but now am happy for Living Water International having drilled a borehole within a walking distance from our village.”



The 10 Days 2015 is only 89 days away. What will you do this year to help give the gift of clean water to our neighbors in Rwanda?

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